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Using a mobile phone as a data matrix scanner 

This is a partial solution to a problem. It will allow an Android phone to capture the data from a FMD barcode and to have that data passed to a verification program such as Serialogical, hosted on a Windows PC. This solution allows the scanning in functionality to be tested without needing a scanner. 
Barvalid satisfies what we need to do and is certainly good enough for prototyping. There are some drawbacks notably it only works on Android and needs a 64 Bit version of Windows. 
The Andrroid app will use its camera and recognise a data matrix barcode. 
The scanner is able to recognise the <GS> code and by default replaces that with a pipe symbol | 
.This is not especially useful as the NMVS expects a <GS> not |. The problem it has is that <GS> is not a keyboard symbol so cannot be printed. 
The solution is to copy the barcode to the clipboard. As the clipboard is code within a computer not letters on the screen the <GS> is still in place. 
The code can be copied from the clipboard to the 'Raw Barcode Data' of our own application. Usually a scan is followed by a key enter signal sent from the scanner. Copying from the clipboard does not include the enter (or key down) signal. So after the code appears in the program ENTER will need to be hit or the 'Process Single Pack' button pressed. The code will then be processed and sent to the NMVS. 
The key setting on the PC is to allow the program to copy scanned data to the keyboard.. 

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