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Aggregating FMD Barcodes 

Pharmacists could add FMD pack codes to virtual prescription bags correlating to real prescriptions. Each pack barcode would only need to be scanned as the bag is filled. 
The bag can then be verified or decommissioned as a single action. All the FMD codes within the bag are sent to the NMVS and the state of each is returned individually. 

Choosing a Scanner for FMD Barcodes 

The FMD data matrrix barcode can be scanned into verification software and the codes sent to the NMVO as a single operation. 
There is no need for a bespoke scanning solution but some decisions must be made when preparing a scanner for FMD use. 

UK FMD Consultation Deadline 23rd September 2018 

The UK has published consultation proposals on the implementation of the FMD legislation. 
Replies are solicited from manufacturers, wholesalers, dispenders and those invoilved in the supply chain. 

Benzodiazepines the FMD and the black market 

Benzodiazepines are being diverted from the legitimate UK supply chain and sold on the black market. 
How can the FMD support investigations where the original serialised pack is not present? 

Wholesalers their role in serialisation 

EU serialisation is not designed for track and trace so how and why are the middle traders such as wholesalers involved in the process? 
Many wholesalers will need to verify products but other options are available to them including dispensing. 

FMD Barcodes looking inside the matrix 

The new barcodes for the FMD will be 2-dimensional data matrix codes. These look similar to the more common QR barcodes but do not work the same way. 
Although the unique identification number contained within the data matrix code will be displayed in clear text next to the barcode the preferred option to capture the data is with a scanner  

Parallel Distributors the Cinderella of Serialisation 

In the pharmaceutical industry the parallel distributor buys licensed medicines from 1 market and then sells them on to another. The new Europe wide FMD serialisation legislation could considerably increase the workload of these parallel distributors. 
The parallel distributor needs to decommission packs from 1 market, re-label and re-commission them for another without the economies of scale available to the original manufacturers. 

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